Chase the Ace Rules


This Chase the Ace fundraiser is in support of NESD AHEC’s educational programming for emergency medical services across rural South Dakota. With these funds we are looking to provide educational training for EMS in South Dakota as well as provide scholarships.

NESD AHEC’s Chase the Ace is an officially registered South Dakota raffle via the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office.


Rules for “Chase the Ace” Lottery in support of the NESD AHEC’s educational programming:

Duration of event: The first draw will take place on Friday, September 4th, 2020 at 6:30pm via Facebook Live. Subsequent draws will be held each Thursday at the same time and place until the Ace of Diamonds is drawn.

Ticket Sales: Tickets may be purchased throughout the week from NESD AHEC’s website. On Friday of each week (draw day), tickets will be sold until 4:30p.m. with the drawing taking place at 6:30p.m. via Facebook Live. Tickets purchased for and used in that week’s draw will be discarded at the end of that night. To be eligible for the next draw, new tickets must be purchased. Tickets may be purchased at 1 ticket for $5.

Drawing Procedures: On each Friday, ticket sales will end at 8:00 a.m. At 12:30 pm. on Facebook Live, a ticket will be drawn at random. The winner will be awarded 10% of that week’s profit from ticket sales and 90% of that week’s profit will then be added to the jackpot

The week’s winner will be called by NESD AHEC to select an envelope with a playing card for their chance at the jackpot. If the winner does not answer, then a random envelope will be chosen by NESD AHEC for them. NESD AHEC will then open the envelope on Facebook Live and reveal the card live. If the envelope does not hold the Ace of Diamonds, then the card pulled will be removed and not played again. If the Ace of Diamond is drawn, the winner will also receive 50% of the accumulated jackpot and the game will be officially declared over.


In accordance to IRS Pub 3079, page 19, if the net cash prize is over $1,500 (payout less $5 ticket cost) NESD AHEC is required to withhold 24% federal income tax from the winner. The winner needs to provide NESD AHEC with two forms of identification and one must include their photo, this may include a driver’s license and Form W-9.

The winning party must sign and date the W-2G stating they are sole owner of the winnings and that the information listed on the W-2G is correct. If the winning party is a group of people who bought a bunch of tickets, a Form 5754 must be completed.


To be eligible and participate in the draw, the ticket holder must be at least 18 years of age.

Members and immediate family members of NESD AHEC’s Board of Directors and staff are not eligible.