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Education is the key to getting students started on a career goal. Educators play one of the key roles, whether inside or outside the classroom, in providing instructional tools, activities and information for the students and their parents. NESD AHEC is here to provide the resources and materials to do that. Just a few of the things available that can be loaned to your school are as follows:

  • Health Careers Puppet Bunch (with color books if requested)
  • In the Box Curriculum (click curriculum for more information)
  • "Assignment: Buckle Up" (a video about seat belt safety)
  • Kids Fitness Video
  • Smoking & tobacco resources
  • Educators News

    Changing the Face of Medicine
    Lesson Plans: Choosing a Career.
    AMA’s Careers in Health Care
    The American Medical Association's Health Care Careers Directory lists information for over 80 careers in health care and more than 8000 accredited educational programs in those fields.
    BAM! Body and Mind
    This is a very interactive website brought to you by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.