2021 Spring Fire School

Presented by: NE District Firefighters Association & South Dakota EMSA District IV
Located At: North Marshal County Fire Department, Britton, South Dakota

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0800-0830                        Registration

0830-1200                        Classes

1200-1300                        Lunch

1300-1330                        Business Meeting

1330-1700                        Classes

1700-????                         “After Hours Evolutions”

There are room rates available: Sunset Motel on the west side of Britton ($47.00 Single $57.00 Double) and Northern Light Motel on the east side of Britton ($75.00)

There is Pre-Registration available or register the day of classes.

Cost is $25 per student

Lunch will be provided by North Marshal County Fire Department


Low Frequency, High Risk Traffic Incident Scenarios (6-hours)

(Class Limit 30)

This training seminar is a rare opportunity for firefighters to gain exposure and experience with some of the heavy equipment and trucks/trailers that are regularly encountered in this area. The training will also highlight how trained towing and recovery professionals can be a useful resource when dealing with these types of incidents. Both hands-on and classroom training will cover;

  • Classroom introduction and theory
  • Heavy Duty stabilization with existing equipment
  • Heavy Duty stabilization show casing the latest equipment
  • Heavy Duty stabilization using alternative methods
  • Heavy equipment rigging, lifting and jacking
  • Heavy Duty extrication

The class will be divided into smaller groups to work emergency scenarios involving farm equipment, passenger vehicles, buses and heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Instructors: Warren Moe is a veteran heavy wrecker operator with experience teaching fire/rescue personnel.  He is a Traffic Incident Management System instructor and has instructed fire/rescue staff in multiple states on safe highway incident operations.  Mr. Moe has been an instructor at the North Dakota State Fire School.  M and T Fire and Safety staff will be providing extrication/stabilization tools and expert extrication and stabilization experience during the hands-on portion of class.

Apparatus Pump Operations (3-Hours)

(Class Limit 12 each session)

This class is great for the first-time apparatus pump operator to the seasoned veteran.  The class introduces the operator to controls including the relief valve, or electronic pressure control devices, friction loss calculations, water supply (including static and hydrants) relay pumping and fire flow. Hoses and nozzles are discussed to understand the correct line and nozzle selection for fire ground operations.

After a classroom discussion, students will conduct hands on exercises to understand how to react to and correct fire ground scenarios that can and do happen.  The firefighter will understand how to correct situations like hose rupture, kink, and water loss, and understand how the gauges can inform the operator of these situations.

Instructor: Chris Noeldner is a Lieutenant with Watertown Fire Rescue.  He has been teaching pump operations with his fire training simulator for the last 10+ years in multiple states.  He has been a regular instructor at the North and South Dakota State Fire Schools.

Fire Chiefs/Fire Officers Roundtable Discussion – Afternoon Only

(No Class Limit)

Join in on an open forum discussion on a wide variety of topics related to the SD Fire Service. Past Round

Table Discussions have been very beneficial and have addressed many questions, concerns and issues

through networking with others. Coordinators are: SD Fire Marshal’s Office

South Dakota Fire Incident Reporting: 3-hour class, Morning Only

(No Class Limit)

Everyone hates paperwork but having a good report on file for the incidents you respond to helps not only your department, but also assists the state and federal agencies with more accurate statistics as to the problem fire plays within our nation. “Do I really need to fill one of these reports out when I go get Mrs. Jones cat out of a tree?” I can assure you that having a report for something like this on file may prove beneficial for you and/or someone on your department in the event Mrs. Jones’ cat scratches you while you get it out of the tree and a week later you need to go see the Dr. and his diagnosis is: “Cat Scratch fever.” This may sound absurd as an example, but what about when a lawyer starts asking you questions about you and your department’s response to a fatal house fire that occurred nearly five years prior? The Chief doesn’t have to be the only one to fill out these reports. The officer in charge should be the one to fill out the report for when they are in charge and/or at least obtain all of the needed information for the person that will write the report thereafter.

Instructor: Doug Hinkle, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

Ag Plane (Spray Plane) Familiarization (3-hours)

 Morning and Afternoon Session (No Class Limit)

This class will familiarize participants on Agriculture planes.  This class will provide safety objectives as well as how to remove someone who may be trapped in a plane due to an accident or because of a medical condition.

Instructor:  Craig Bair, Pilot and certified by NAAREF as an Operation S.A.F.E. Analyst.

EMS hours Available

Meth Lab and Fentanyl Recognition and Scene Security (3-Hours)

Morning and Afternoon session (No Class Limit)

This class will provide current information to recognize indicators of the presence of a possible meth lab operation and/or fentanyl and the hazards associated with these hazardous products. It will also provide information for scene security and necessary precautions in an IDLH atmosphere.

Instructor: SD DCI

EMS hours available


Apr 17 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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