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We want to motivate students to choose a career in the health profession. There is a great need for providers who are diverse, who can speak the same language and who share the same racial or ethnic background as their patients. From elementary students through graduate students, we are working alongside you until placed in the medical professions.

For the elementary to middle school children, our goal is to educate and inspire with fun and exciting programs. Programs we have available to your educators/class are:

  • Health Careers Puppet Bunch
  • In the Box Curriculum
  • Kids Fitness Video
  • Once we have peaked your interest and have you excited about the medical field, then we will help you move on in your decision making for college and beyond. There are a multitude of programs available to make sure that the medical workforce is where you want to go. High School students will have many opportunities to attend:

  • Scrubs camps
  • Shadowing Programs
  • Health Care Career Camps
  • Now that you have chosen the medical field as your career and are ready to move out into the workforce, we hope that our programs will impact and influence you to be enthusiastic and want to practice as doctors, nurses, dentists, and other public health professions most needed in South Dakota with values and commitment to work in underserved communitities providing comprehensive primary care that makes a difference to the people in rural areas. Be a hometown hero and come back to rural SD to practice.

    Students News

    You can quit smoking! Here are links that will help you!!
    SD Quits
    The Gates Millennium Scholars
    A merit-based scholarship that covers the remaining college costs for minority students after they are awarded their financial aid packages.
    Office of Indian Education Program
    An organization dedicated to lifelong education for Native Americans.
    Native Workplace
    Resources for Native American job seekers.