SD AHEC Scholars

About the program

SD AHEC Scholars is a program for health professions students interested in supplementing their education by gaining additional knowledge and experience in rural and/or underserved urban settings. This is a longitudinal program with interdisciplinary curricula to implement a defined set of clinical, didactic, and community-based activities. All experiential or clinical training will be conducted in rural and/or underserved urban settings. The program is housed within Google Classrooms and has modules for didactic and clinical/experiential education and evaluation components of the program. 

Focus & Core Topic Areas

Professional Development

Interprofessional Education


Practice Transfromation

Public Health

Community Integration & Resources

Cultural Humility

Social Determinants of Health

Patient Care

Behavioral Health Integration & Resiliency

Current & Emerging Health Issues

Telehealth & Virtual Learning

Eligibility Criteria:

Students should have a current interest in rural or underserved healthcare, be currently enrolled in a health professions degree or certificate program, be approximately two years from program or degree completion, and will be entering into the workforce or pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree upon completion of the SD AHEC Scholars: Rural Health Leadership Program. 

SD AHEC Scholars students include, but is not limited to, students in counseling, dental hygiene, medical, medical assisting, medical lab science, nursing, nurse practitioner, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, psychology, public/population health, radiologic technology, and social work programs. 

CONNECT: Network with local health leaders

This program will allow you to network with health leaders from the hospital cares systems and other Scholars throughout the state and nationally.

LEARN: Expand your knowledge

This program will allow you to gain a better understanding of health in rural and underserved areas while stressing the importance of an interprofessional team.

EXPERIENCE: Build your resume

This program will allow you to add to your resume by connecting you to certificate training opportunities.

LEADERSHIP: Grow your leadership skills.

This program will help you to become a well-rounded leader through additional education opportunities.