Telehealth Student Practicum

The Telehealth Student Practicum program creates opportunities for students to learn about how telehealth supports healthcare in rural communities and how it is used throughout the health systems. These opportunities allow students to gain quality clinical experience and certification while exploring the advances in technology in healthcare. The practicum is sponsored by Northeast SD AHEC and Avera and funded by HRSA. 
Throughout the duration of this experience, students will get the opportunity to experience firsthand how the Avera facilities utilize telehealth to expand their capabilities in rural communities.
The program is 40 hours in duration and is broken down as follows:
15 hours – Online Pre-Experience Training
1.5 hr     Experience Orientation (Zoom)
8 hr       Telehealth Core Concepts certificate
2 hr       Health Informatics training modules
1 hr        Telehealth training modules
1 hr        Cyber security modules
1.5 hr     Pre-Placement Paperwork (Zoom)
25 hours – Shadowing/Hand-on Training
5 hr       Day in Sioux Fall at Avel & Avera eCare
20 hr    Placement in a rural health facility
Application Open:
January 1 – February 8, 2023
Decision & Placement:
February 17, 2023
Practicum :
March 8 – May 15, 2023
Post Evaluations :
May 20, 2022
Program Contact:
Christi Anderson
Through October 1 – March 31, facilities require the flu vaccine. With experiences more than 2 hours, facilities require the primary COVID vaccine series.