EMS Covid-19 Community Panel Webinar Series

April 3rd, 2020 to June 18th, 2020

Week 1: Intro to Covid-19

This webinar examined South Dakota’s current numbers of Covid-19 and explored what it means to flatten the curve as EMS professionals

Dr. Matt Owens
Redfield, SD

Keith Sharisky
Aberdeen Fire and Rescue

Week 2: Covid-19 Update and SD Stockpile

This webinar explored South Dakota’s Department of Health’s stockpile and PPE.

Chuck Kevghas
South Dakota Department of Health

Week 3: Rural Hospitals and ED’s, Allergies, and Mental Health

This webinar explored the impact of Covid-19 on rural hospitals and emergency departments. This webinar also looked at the differentiating Covid-19 from allergies, in addition to acknowledging the implications on mental health with EMS providers and families.

Carrie Kappes
Eureka Community Health Care Services-Avera

Pam Fietchner
Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center

Dr. Thomas Luzier
Aberdeen Asthma & Allergy

Amy Sanderson
Northeastern Mental Health Center

Week 4: SD EMS on New York City’s Front Lines and Sioux Falls Hotspot

This webinar explores how communities are handling hotspots and outbreaks.

Chad Madsen
South Dakota EMS Association District IV

Amy Marsh
EMS Educator, City of Sioux Falls

Week 5: Testimony from Covid-19 Patient/Doctor

This webinar focused on the experience of a local family practitioner who had recovered from Covid-19.

Dr. David Wachs
Avera, Aberdeen

Week 6: Covid-19 Cycle

This webinar focused on the progression of Covid-19 at a micro perspective to a macro perspective.

Dr. Matt Owens
Redfield, SD

Week 7: SD Governor’s Address; Update and SD DOH EMS Address

This webinar had various address from State of South Dakota officials and a Covid-19 update.

Governor Kristi Noem
State of South Dakota

Keith Sharisky
Aberdeen Fire and Rescue

Marty Link
SD Dept. of Health EMS and Trauma

Week 8: Policy Changes and Updates

This webinar looks at the various measures the hospitals are implementing related to EMS.

Dr. Kara Dahl
Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center

Pam Fiechtner
Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center

Week 9: Covid-19 Update & Contact Tracing

This webinar looks at current numbers throughout the state and explores contact tracing

South Dakota Department of Health

Week 10: Covid-19 Update & Respiratory Complications

This webinar explores at lasting, chronic respiratory complications of Covid-19.

Dr. Kara Dahl
Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center